My vision of

“Gatineau is a city that deserves exemplary management by a united council focused above all else on the needs of its residents.”


Experience – Attention – Teamwork – Discipline

I was born in Gatineau, in the Hull sector, on December 29, 1953. My wife, Anne-Marie Major, and I have four children and six grandchildren. For 40 years, I supported the community in various initiatives. In the private sector, I demonstrated exceptional entrepreneurial skills, acquiring and developing eight food retail businesses. In the public sector, as a municipal councillor, I have played a key role on the Municipal Council. For 12 years, I got involved in every issue and sensitive situation and handled a number of cases that directly affected residents.

Financial and Human
Resources Management

Reduce the burden on taxpayers

  • 1.5% tax increase for two years and suspension of the 1% dedicated infrastructure tax for 2018;
  • Maximum tax increase of 2.3% for the next two years, including the dedicated infrastructure tax; • Allocation of all gains from revenues and recurrent expenses to tax reductions;
  • $15 million savings from organizational efficiencies;
  • Reduction of the wage envelope from 47.5% to 45% of the budget. Restore a sound democratic life
  • Hold municipal managers accountable for prioritizing services to residents and developers;
  • Correct administrative weaknesses identified by the city’s Ombudsman;
  • Establish formal discussion forums with residents in each sector;
  • Introduce a Web survey/consultation program for municipal initiatives;
  • Rally the strengths and competencies of the members of the new Council.


Human resources management

  • Develop a monitoring culture;
  • Provide employees with the tools for improving services to residents;
  • Conduct an annual evaluation of senior management;
  • Establish service standards for the urban planning department;
  • Action plan for completing work.

Improve Neighbourhood

  • Invest $108 million in paving side streetsunder the next mandate;
  • Increase the snow clearing budget by $1 million annually;
  • Increase the budget for traffic calming and road safety measures from $500,000 to $1 million annually;
  • Invest $3 million in Municipal Council priorities;
  • Maintain our commitments towards community organizations;
  • Provide free Wi-Fi in community centres;
  • Expand/renovate the Place des Pionniers library in the Aylmer Sector, and complete parc des Cèdres – $15 million;
  • Invest in the survival of Lac Beauchamp $2 million;
  • Introduce a program for residents’ initiatives promoting urban agriculture, the environment and healthy living in the different districts – $2 million;
  • Ensure equitable allocation of ice time in each sector and prioritize availability for children.



  • Complete the Rapibus link to Lorrain;
  • Maintain the annual average STO assessed contribution at $2.8 million;
  • Complete the rapid transit studies for the west end, and select the technology based on government programs and taxpayers’ ability to pay;
  • Set aside $4 million to support the STO in service offer improvements, in particular:
    • park-and-ride facilities;
    • service in the city’s west end;
    • innovative practices.

Alleviate traffic

  • Support the efforts of MP Steven McKinnon in support of the Kettle Island Bridge;
  • Install stands for up to 3,000 bicycles in the commercial sectors.

Economic Development

Promote economic growth

  • Stimulate economic activity to increase property tax revenues by $3 million;
  • Prioritize infrastructures for tourism development in order to do our part as one of the three doorways to Quebec for tourism, just like Montréal and the city of Québec: make Laurier St. attractive to tourists by encouraging businesses that appeal to tourists;
  • Facilitate relations between our urban planning department and our partners;
  • Set up a $250,000 annual fund out of current budgets for new businesses in accordance with the new legislation on municipal autonomy;
  • Stimulate development of ruisseau de la Brasserie;
  • Pursue our efforts to densify the downtown area and activate the property development projects at the Fonderie and Guertin sites;
  • Support development of the Gatineau airport and the air park;
  • Install smart parking meters in the downtown in the first year;
  • Restore trust among our economic partners.

Environment and Heritage


  • Install 50 charging stations for electric vehicles;
  • Encourage the creation of shaded areas in the downtown to reduce heat islands;
  • Ban the purchase of plastic bottled water by the City of Gatineau;
  • With our partners, assess the possibility of introducing washing stations at the marinas;
  • Encourage businesses to recycle and compost;
  • Relax rules on cutting down trees on private properties in conjunction with compensation measures;
  • Expand the program on urban gardens, beekeeping and chickens;
  • Allow gardening on public lots.


  • $1 million annually for municipal heritage buildings;
  • $2 million envelope for heritage buildings managed by NPOs;
  • New tax credit program for value added through renovations to private heritage buildings.

Relations with our
Public Partners

  • Defend the Place des festivals project as a “doorway to tourism” development project to secure $5 million annually over four years from 2019 to 2023;
  • NCC: political intervention in shoreline development according to Municipal Council priorities;
  • Next fiscal pact: reclaim the $3 million in cuts imposed by Quebec;
  • Federal and provincial: work harder on qualifying for and accessing existing grant programs;
  • City of Ottawa: public transit and tourism development – ensure Gatineau’s inclusion in the development of NCR initiatives.